About Us

Welcome to Otterkill Animal Hospital! We are pleased to have you as part of our animal health care team. Together with our expert veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants you will be providing the best in modern health care for your companion animals. We value the trust you've placed in us. We pledge to treat all of our patients as if they were members of our own families.

Otterkill Animal Hospital was founded in 1988 by Dr. Mary Whitwell to bring our expert veterinary care to both farm and companion animals. Dr. Mary began her family and passed on the practice to Dr. Jim Zgoda in 1995. Since then Dr. Zgoda has focused the practice’s energy on companion animals. Otterkill’s expertise has become well known throughout the Tri-State area.

We are ranked in the top 14% of animal hospitals in the country! We are regularly inspected and certified by both the American Animal Hospital Association and the New York State Veterinary Medical Society. In order to maintain our certification we are required to comply with over 1,000 standards governing all aspects of our animal care. This is our way of assuring you that you have chosen the absolute best veterinary care in our area when you become part of the Otterkill Animal Hospital Animal Health Care Team.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry for all our animal patients in a caring and compassionate manner while fulfilling and exceeding the veterinary health care needs of their human companions.

Our Goals

  • To promote the significance of the human-animal bond and to provide concurrent medical and emotional care to our animal patients and human clients, respectively.
  • To treat every one of our patients as if he or she were part of our own family. Every animal is someone's loved one.
  • To be responsive to our clients; their trust is an honor.
  • To educate our clients making them a vital part of our health care team.
  • To maintain a well-trained and continually educated staff, providing them with an enjoyable and safe work environment.
  • To adhere to the Standards for Veterinary Hospitals as promulgated by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).
  • To follow environmentally sound principles, using recycled materials and recycling waste materials where possible.
  • To be the best veterinary hospital we can possibly be.

Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of this practice to maintain at all times the highest standards in veterinary medicine, a sound professionalism in our dealings with clients and at all times good business practice.
  • All clients and patients must receive superior attention and service. We define superior attention as "more than a client or patient may expect, and greater than the overall situation warrants".
  • We will deliver excellent services and care with commitment at a fair price.
  • We will run our hospital on a financially sound basis.
  • Individuals do make a difference. Each of us deserves to be treated with dignity and respect in all areas of work, and in daily interactions with fellow employees, management and clients.
  • We will uphold all legal and ethical aspects of the field of Veterinary medicine.


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