Resident Cat, April


Position here at Otterkill: You will probably find me up front with my best pal Lauren. If I had thumbs and could talk, they'd probably have me answering phones by now. I love to greet people as they come into the hospital. I will happily jump on your lap, but only on my own terms.

Educational Background: School of hard knocks.

Number of Family Animal Companions: 13

Name(s) and Breed(s): Lauren, Sue, Gina, Melissa, Emily, Jennifer, Rebecca, Jim, Kim, Mary.

Hobbies I enjoy: My day starts out here riding around on Lauren's shoulder (I like to keep her warm). Then I make my way to the back of this place, and eat my breakfast and get my thyroid meds. The rest of the morning I greet anyone who comes in the door, and finally settle down on the break-room table lying in the sun. Lunch time is my most favorite time of day because everyone shares their food with me (actually I try to steal everything). I am not afraid to let you know how I am feeling, or when I like to be left alone. My favorite places to sleep are in the break-room on the table, on Lauren's lap, under the front desk, and my newest hang out is in the recycling bin.

Special things I have done with animals: I am there for all the staff when they need a hug. When they are stressed out or feeling overwhelmed I give them a good snuggle. If their laps are cold I am there to sit on them. And above all I am there to help them eat their lunches. Tuna is my favorite.

"I love to be a part of the Otterkill Animal Hospital healthcare team because": When I need them they are there for me 100% as if I had been their pet forever. I know that I can count on Gina to feed me whenever I look at her, and give me my subcutaneous fluids. I know Emily will share her lunch with me, even if it makes me puke sometimes, and Melissa will always try and stop her because she knows it makes me sick. Lauren will always be my best pal, and carry me whenever I ask her to. Rebecca will always be there to give me my meds, and Jen will always be there to give me lots of kisses. I can count on Jim and Sue to always take care of me on the weekends when no one else is here. Mary will always clean up after me when I make a mess. Dr. Keller, and Dr. Zgoda always have my best interest at heart and will keep me healthy.

Year became an Otter: 2008