Our Team

Our Team

From the moment you call our office or walk through our door each person you encounter is connected in a specific way to your companion's care. We pride ourselves in providing you and your companion animals the best possible care and attention. In doing so, our team is comprised of highly educated, specifically trained animal lovers who can answer all of your concerns and questions with confidence.

We have the highest percentages of Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVT) on staff in hospital in our area. All of our LVTs and Veterinarians attend continuing education seminars throughout the year to ensure we stay up to date on all of the latest information and technology available to us.

We have monthly team meetings where we discuss ways we can improve our practice and learn about new products and procedures in the veterinary field.

Please take a moment to read about each of our team members that are an integral part of your companion's healthcare team. Every one of our team members at Otterkill shares his or her life with a variety of companion animals. We’ll always treat your companion as if it was one of ours.

We look forward to seeing you soon!