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A few tidbits about treats

A guide to choosing the right treats to give your pet
When it comes to your pet you want the very best for them. This begins with not only lots of love, but the desire to make them happy. One of the ways we express this is by giving "treats". When choosing a treat we should be giving them the best ingredients while at the same time watching their calorie intake. Youíll find that any of the premium diets also make treats.

When they look up at you with those adorning little eyes, begging for a treat you probably give in and throw them one...or two...or three "little" biscuits. They sure do have us wrapped around their little paws, and thatís one of the reasons why an estimated 50% of canines and felines in the US are overweight or obese.

Knowing how easily we give in to these little critters, we need to make an educated decision on what quality of a treat we are giving and also look at their fat & kcal content. If it looks like junk, it probably is junk food! High-calorie treats, just even one, can fill 1/5 of your pets daily calorie needs.

Keep the following calorie information in mind when you toss your dog or cat a treat.

The average daily caloric needs of your pet based on ideal weight are as followed: (based on 80% RER per day)
  • 10 lb canine- 210 kcal/day
  • 15 lb canine- 270 kcal/day
  • 20 lb canine- 340 kcal/day
  • 25 lb canine- 410 kcal/day
  • 30 lb canine- 480 kcal/day
  • 40 lb canine- 615 kcal/day
  • 45 lb canine- 680 kcal/day
  • 50 lb canine- 750 kcal/day
  • 55 lb canine- 820 kcal/day
  • 60 lb canine- 890 kcal/day
  • 65 lb canine- 950 kcal/day
  • 70 lb canine- 1020 kcal/day
  • 75 lb canine- 1090 kcal/day
  • 80 lb canine- 1160 kcal/day
  • 85 lb canine- 1230 kcal/day
  • 90 lb canine- 1300 kcal/day
  • 100 lb canine-1430 kcal/day
  • 8 lb feline- 150 kcal/day
  • 10 lb feline- 170 kcal/day
  • 12 lb feline- 190 kcal/day

Fruits, vegetables and other common foods are another source of treats that are healthy for your pet in moderate amounts.

(In the summertime you can freeze these for a cool treat)
Apple slices

Green beans
Green peppers
Pumpkin (canned)
(This is high in fiber!)

Beef (lean)
Chicken (lean)
Tuna (canned in water)
Turkey breast (lean)

Cottage cheese
(no butter, air popped)
Rice (white)
Rice cakes (plain)

80 kcals (1 medium)
101 kcals (1 medium)
12 kcals (1/4 cup)
kcals not available

21 kcals (1 medium)
6 kcals (1/4 cup)
5 kcals (1/4 cup)
9 kcals (1/4 cup)
14 kcals (1 medium)
20 kcals (1/4 cup)
5 kcals (1/4 cup)

64 kcals (1 oz.)
53 kcals (1 oz.)
81 kcals (1 large)
36 kcals (1 oz.)
50 kcals (1 oz.)

30 kcals (1 oz.)
22 kcals (1/2 cup)
83 kcals (1/2 cup)

Avocados, garlic, grapes, raisins, chocolate, macadamia nuts, onion powder & onion, tea leaves, raw yeast dough, foods with xylitol (gum & candy), coffee (all forms), fatty foods, and moldy foods.

Remember to look for:

  • The ingredients, especially the first one.
  • The fat content
  • The kcal content
When choosing a treat for your pet it is always important to look at the ingredients that make up the food. The first ingredient will tell you the majority of what the food contains. It should always be a full protein source. Next time you are at the supermarket check out some of the ingredients weíve been feeding our pets. Do not be fooled by the word "natural" or "healthy", there is usually not a lot backing up those statements. Do your research and then choose the best choice for your furry friend. Below is a small amount of your choices (hint: this can also be applied to what you eat too!)

Top 9 Premium ingredient canine & feline treats:

*see our recommended Dog & Cat food list for more premium brands*
Innova (HealthBar):

California Natural (HealthBar):

Canidae (Snap Biscuit):


Solid Gold (mult. flavors):

Eagle Pack (Holistix):

Fromm (Cranberry Liver)

Blue Buffalo (Health bars)

Flint River Ranch
(L): 88 kcals/treat
(S): 35 kcals/treat
Feline: 1.7 kcals/treat

(L): 100 kcals/treat
(S): 50 kcals/treat

(L): 130 kcals/treat
(S): 32.5 kcals/treat

Kcal info. not available

8-30 kcals/treat based on flavor

28 kcals/treat

1 kcal/treat

108 kcal/treat

Kcal info. n/a

Where can I buy these premium treats?

Visit the websites given and enter your zipcode to find the closest available store. These treats are not found in supermarkets! Many can be found at pet retail or specialty stores.

Common adequate quality ingredient canine & feline treats:

These foods represent an adequate quality treat. These are not the best quality treats available, but they are the better choice in supermarkets.
ONE Senior:
ONE Adult:
ONE Lg. breed:
ONE Healthy weight:






Weight loss
Veterinary restricted calorie

Science Diet
Jerky Plus

34 kcals/treat
30 kcals/treat
84 kcals/treat
26 kcals/treat

(R): 49 kcals/treat
(S): 28 kcals/treat
(L): 300 kcals (M): 188 kcals (S): 105 kcals
(R): 70 kcals/treat
(S): 49 kcals/treat
(R): 560 kcals/treat
(S): 270 kcals/treat
39 kcals/treat
4.5 kcals/treat

(L): 137 kcals/treat
(S): 22 kcal/treat
(M) 19 kcals/treat
13 kcals/treat

kcal/treat not available
kcal/treat not available
kcal/treat not available
kcal/treat not available

Did you know that one XL Milkbone dog biscuit is equivalent in calories to a MilkyWay bar? Yup, a MilkyWay bar! We need to start thinking of treats as handfuls of candy, and then maybe we could tackle the obesity problem we have among our pets. Avoid heavily processed, high-fat snacks. If it looks like junk food, itís probably junk food!

Common poor quality ingredient canine & feline treat

These treats represent inadequate nutrition source and are NOT recommended to feed your dog or cat. Their ingredients are nutritionally equivalent to candy.

Liv-a snaps:
Alís Grill:

Begginí strips:
Beneful Snackin Slices
BusyBone Dental:

BusyBone Chewbone:
Cheweez Chew strips:
Meaty middles:
Friskies original
Friskies Indoor
Friskies Hairball
Whisker Lickiní cat

Temptations (all flavors)
All natural Temptations

Scooby Snacks
Cheese Wedge:
Mystery machine:

Jerky treats:
Olí Roy: Olí Roy
Pounce Caribbean Cat
Greenies Dental:

10 kcals/treat
20 kcals/treat
40 kcals/treat
115 kcals/treat
225 kcals/treat

13 kcals/treat
35 kcals/treat

30 kcals/treat

(L): 600 kcals/treat
(M): 309 kcals/treat
(L): 618 kcals/treat
(M): 309 kcals/treat
60 kcals/treat
171-211 kcals/treat
3 kcals/treat
kcal/treat not available
2 kcals/treat
3 kcals/treat

kcals/treat not available
kcals/treat not available

19 kcals/treat
22 kcals/treat
18 kcals/treat
46 kcals/treat
37 kcals/treat
45 kcals/treat

24 kcals/treat
25 kcals/treat
21 kcals/treat
kcals/treat not available
kcals/treat not available
Jumbo 270 kcals/treat
Large 144 kcals/treat
Regular 90 kcals/treat
Petite 54 kcals/treat
Teenie 25 kcals/treat

A healthy pet is a happy pet!

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